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In case you are thinking that you want to get the Japan-made used piano, please contact us-”UNION GAKKI CO., LTD”!
We are sure that we are preparing many attractive suggestions to you in terms of its type, quality and price.

We are now doing worldwide business with our customers from about 50 countries and making our best so that we could meet your satisfaction and expand our business network more widely.

Countries we export to: USA / Canada / Mexico / Argentina / Colombia / Brazil / Ireland / UK / Italy / Austria / Netherlands / Greece / Switzerland / Spain / Slovenia / Germany / Norway / France / Bulgaria / Belgium / Luxembourg / Jordan / Mongolia / Sri Lanka / / Serbia / Montenegro / Portugal / Arab / Israel / Iran / Indonesia / Korea / Singapore / Thailand / Taiwan / China / Turky / Philippines / Vietnam / Hong Kong / Malaysia / Lebanon / Australia / New Zealand / UAE / Morocco / and more


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‘UNION GAKKI CO.,LTD’ has established in 1973, and our unchanging basic business policy since then is ‘Innovation’ and ‘commitment’ so that we could faithfully meet various demands from the society.

  • Innovation

    Having rich ideas and being energetic for the reformation and innovation, we keep on developing our original techniques to gain even more trust as a brand from our customers.
    To prove the achievement of the techniques, we registered the trademarks for every particular item.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to keeping promises on “result is everything” principle.
    In order to accomplish this vision, we think setting a deadline is the most basic of the basics.