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Company Profile

Name of company Union Gakki Company Limited
(Showroom:Piano Power Center)
(Lesson room:Rythmique Land)
Main office
1-8-20 Sengendaihigashi Koshigaya-City Saitama 343-0042 Japan

TEL:81-48-977-1616 FAX:81-48-977-1617

Capital 1 hundred million JPY ( US$830,000/as of May, 2015 )
Core Business Sales of musical instruments(Retail/Wholesale)
Management of music schools
Piano tuning service
Purchasing used pianos
Piano delivery service
No. of Employees Domestic 70/Overseas 40/Total 110(Including part timers)
  • CEO

    Takayuki Ishida

  • President

    Kentaro Ishida

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Company History

May. 1973 /
Opened music management consultant office as UNION project
Sept. 1976 /
Changed office name to UNION GAKKI
Jun. 1979 /
Established showroom and technical center in Koshigaya, Saitama
Feb. 1981 /
Registered UNION GAKKI Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1983 /
Opened Rythmique Land in Sengendai Station Building
Aug. 1989 /
established head office in Koshigaya, Saitama
May. 1991 /
Delivery section was established
Oct. 1994 /
Opened showroom in Koshigaya
Jun. 1996 /
Opened showroom in Iwatsuki
Mar. 1997 /
Opened showroom in Kuki
Nov. 1997 /
Opened showroom in Ageo
Jun. 1998 /
Opened showroom in Tokorozawa
Jun. 1999 /
Established factory in Iwatsuki with technical center
Jan. 2000 /
Opened showroom in Soka
May. 2000 /
Opened showroom in Kumagaya
Apr. 2002 /
Established Office Creative
May. 2003 /
Opened showroom in Nagareyama
Jun. 2003 /
Opened showroom in Saitama
Nov. 2007 /
Opened showroom in Ito Yokado in Koshigaya
Apr. 2009 /
Opened Rythmique Land in Saitama
Oct. 2011 /
Established factory in Yoshikawa
Nov. 2012 /
Opened showroom in Hanoi, Vietnam
Nov. 2012 /
Established factory in Hanoi, Vietnam