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Creation of quality beyond the imagination

We provide safe and high quality products with reasonable price to our customers.For the realization of customers’ satisfaction which is incomparable with other companies, we started to establish our own factory from the time of the company’s founding.Combination of the expert skills, the high ability of innovative machines and the tireless spirit of inquiry The developed skills with its long history are now highly evaluated.And in 2011, we established a new largest scale factory in Japan to accommodate orders from the world.As a result, we succeeded in increasing the quantity of more stable and high quality products.Nowadays, they are admired around the world.

Japan’s largest piano renewal factory installing an advanced system

  • Based on a belief “Must win in the severe competitions”, we are a step ahead of our competitors by pursuing further development and management.

  • Adopting the same methods of painting system in major manufactures

  • No missing even small metal fatigue

  • “Takumi (Master)” technique of producing beautiful and accurate sounds

  • Taking great care in packing to deliver them in safety

The renewed secondhand pianos are exported to overseas
and they receive a high evaluation.

  • Collecting secondhand pianos from all over Japan

  • Once they are stored, adjusted and renewed afterward

  • Loading into exporting containers

  • Reused in all over the world.

Polish & Renewal

Can be renewed this much by our skillful artisans

New color for renewal pianos named “UNION White 14″
We get favorable reputations from our clients in the world.


Pianos in various conditions that meet customer’s demand.