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Second-hand Piano

Huge Stock

We regularly have 1,500 stocks

Our company has a large number of second-hand pianos in stock.
We built up the nationwide network and made it possible to buy a lot of second-hand pianos from Japanese users every day.

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The reasons why we are selected as one of Japan’s best suppliers.

1.Reasonable Price
After many years we built up the company scale which allows quick sales at small profits, and have realized supply of high quality with reasonable price.
2.Overwhelming stock
We buy more than 10,000 pianos in a year.
This overwhelming stock of secondhand pianos enables us to make stable  supply of pianos to our dealers.
3.High quality
We work honestly on making our pianos in high quality with Japanese spirits & pride.
Also we hear customers’ voice to improve the quality of our pianos.
Our pianos are beautifully finished by skilled craftsmen in our new factory opened in 2011.
4.Service and support
It is our pleasure to make our customers’ happiness and satisfaction by giving our best service and support.
Whenever you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
We are always pleased to meet your expectations to support your business.
5.Wide experience
Our company established in 1973.
Since then we have been delivering so many pianos to customers in domestic and overseas.
Our wide experience in piano business creates trust for customers all over the world.

Regular dealers of Japanese manufacturers.

The demand of used pianos is increasing, and now we are known for providing high quality renewal pianos, but we are actually selling the largest amount of new pianos of major brands since our founding.